Chapter Three | The Prototype

I’ve spended 6 months infront of my computer for mechanical design. So in June 2014 I was able to create a prototype of a kit that could easily be installed on a Segway without permanent modifications on the platform. It had a seat glider and a suspension, and you could steer it with a foldable stick. It intended it to have a reclining back and a parking stand but those I had then developed did not work well enough. They needed further development.

So I had to develop more parking stands. Parking stands. Parking stands… I was obsessed. I spent every single cent I owned to create useless parking stands that didn’t work properly.

The only things I had gained from that prototype were know-how and a short video on the beach. I had reached a point where I had to find additional resources or quit, since in Greece finding an investor is practically impossible. So I decided to move 1000 km away from my hometown, to the beautiful island of Crete and work as a waiter during August. I am grateful for every single tip I received from my customers there. They were the founders of my future…



The glider and suspension worked great


The back as it was supposed to look like. It never worked well so it changed


The prototype featuring glider and suspension on a platform i2


The same prototype on an x2 platform. Instalation was very easy. Glider and suspension worked great. I was still in a great need for a reclining back and an operational safe parking stand


It was a blessed day having fun on a beautifull beach. At the same night I desided to become a waiter for a month in order to fund the next prototype