“From George Sinanis, inventor of the Sui Generis Seat”

Chapter One | The Request

In the autumn of 2013, I received a request. Mr Andreas, who had an amputated leg, wanted to be able to use a Segway. I accepted the technical challenge and started exploring the option of a seat on a Segway platform. I watched many videos of similar products and started working on my seat. With the help of my close friend and technical angel John Kourousis, we modified a Segway x2 stand up scooter into a self-balancing wheelchair with safe parking stands and a removable stick for steering.

I will never forget the first test-drive of the seat on December 2013: It was freezing cold by Greek standards (0o C!) but I was hot with exhilaration. A few days later, I delivered the seat to Mr Andreas who loved it instantly– and is still enjoying riding on it.
This got me thinking: Riding a Segway in a seated position was so much fun! It was like a self-balancing electric go-cart. And then it hit me: I just had to build another seat, a more refined, advanced model.



The first prototype was designed to be selfballancing even with out a rider


This was my first definition about beauty


The first prototype video

Video from the first test of the first prototype right after the job was finished. It was freezing so much that i couldn’t operate the removable stick properly.