Chapter Four | “Leonidas”

I was serving beer to some Scottish fellows under the hot sun when I received a call from a number in my homotown:

– “Hi there! My name is Leonidas, I suffer from multiple sclerosis and I would like to buy a seated Segway. I found your video on the beach and wonder whether you can help me build one.”
– “Sure. Do you have a Segway platform?”
– “No, but I can buy one. When can we get started?”
– “Very, very soon!”

In less that a week I was back in Thessaloniki, filled with hope. I immediately started designing the Sui Generis Seat for Leonidas. Mechanical design took me about 4 months but the result was perfect, including a fully functional parking stand. Finally!



“I was there! This is one of the best place in the planet. Agios Nikolaos of Crete. Working there from 2005 to 2009 gave me all the nececcary funds for the ignition of my segway dream”.


“Leonidas is now operating his Sui Generis Seat Buddy in the beautifull beach of Thessaloniki Greece


Leonidas on his Sui Generis Seat Buddy