Lifechanging’ – that is really the word that best describes having and using my Segway with the Sui Generis Seat for the past 10 months.

Being diagnosed with MS more than 15 years ago, I had been facing the year on steady decline of my mobility and, in time, had to adopt to new conditions created, always looking for ways to supplement lost mobility with some sort of tool that could help, be that walking sticks, rollator or wheelchair. At the same time had always kept eyes open on an electric means of transport that would be truly versatile and capable.

The self-balancing Segway had always drawn my attention due it’s unique way of moving – powerful two wheel drive that can easily overcome obstacles, while combining low and high speed movement and intuitive steering – albeit it was designed for standing riders and well… this wouldn’t be something for me I thought. Not until I found out the option of adding a seat, a seat that would allow the Segway to move in its same formidable way while at the same time offering adapted comforts and assurance to people with reduced mobility.

And lucky as I was, I found out that not only there is a solution like this but the inventor and designer is located in the city where I live! Not to go into details, it wasn’t long before I had my Segway with the adaptation of the ‘Sui Generis Seat’ and was ready to start my explorations. A true revelation, of how many things I could do again that I had long given up on! Walks and rides with my girlfriend in the city (her either walking or riding her bike), excursions outside the city, shopping and taking care of everyday stuff. All this, safely, quick and also, really fun! Ten months after and the Segway with the ‘Sui Generis Seat’ seat has become an essential part of my everyday activities, giving me options to move around that had become unimaginable. Highly recommended!

Leonidas Komvokis 
Thessaloniki, Greece

Easier than I thought

Before purchasing the Sui Generis Seat, I had tried two other seats for the Segway platform. Unfortunately, both were a waste of money as they were not working properly for my physical condition (paraplegia). Then I came across the Sui Generis Seat. I read on the website: “It comes with tools and instructions and you can install it by yourself”. I watched the videos, asked George many questions and then placed my order. Due to the capital controls imposed in Greece at that time, the production of the Sui Generis Seat was disrupted and I ended up waiting for quite a long time. As a result, I was super excited when my package finally arrived! I watched the instructions video and with the help of my 12-year old daughter, I installed the seat on my Segway and started using it.

Let me just say that the Suit Generis Seat was worth every single day of waiting! I now have a Segway wheelchair that I feel confident with and that I’m using more than I could possibly imagine.  Highly recommended!

Marlon Benn, US Military Veteran
Florida, USA


The Sui Generis seat is a wonderful technical innovation that has given me a new level of mobility and freedom.

Review photo Ian Oregon USA

I’ve been living with MS for over 10 years now, and in the past few years my gait has deteriorated to the point where my walking is limited to a few hundred meters, with difficulty. I’ve always been very active, and losing my ability to walk was unfathomable. I never realized how much I took it for granted, until I couldn’t do it anymore.

So, I’m always looking for mobility solutions and eventually found the Sui Generis website. It looked like a great innovation, so I ordered the seat and it arrived about six weeks later, with all the required tools for assembly. George also responded very rapidly to questions and requests for help while I assembled it. Assembly was straightforward and took me about two hours. Then I was off and rolling!

I am now able to participate in more activities, and simple things like walks with my partner, and exploring new areas in my neighborhood and in the State of Oregon.

The Sui Generis seat will make a huge difference in my life and to my sense of well-being.

Thank you George.

Ian van Wesenbeeck
Oregon, USA