Sui Generis Buddy Seat with one parking stand and square seat


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It comes as a kit with instructions and tools included. It doesn’t need any permanent modification at your segway and in can be installed easilly on any platform (i2, x2, i2SE, x2SE). It has one parking stand that “anchors” the machine for safe mounting – dismounting

You can choose between 2 steering systems. The removable stick for ligh weight and intuitive steering, or the “Dock” so you can attach the uper half of your segway’s handle reversed and feel like diving a scooter! Tell us about your choice after ordering this seat.

The square seat is often preferred by people with SCI. It has embedded suspension springs and your back will not suffer any time you roll over a curb. You can also choose the color of your seat’s cushions. Please specify your color preference after ordering the seat.

The square seat can reach the lowest possible height since it can almost fit between the Segway’s fenders. You can order your seat at the specific height that fits your needs. The minimum height of this seat can be 59 cm on a Segway i2 platform*() and it can reach 74 cm. Why ? Because f you have to move your body from a wheelchair onto the Sui Generis Seat, then the height of the seat must be the lowest possible. If you are using walking sticks, you can enjoy the higher seat and all of its benefits (e.g. the higher you sit, the more intuitive the Segway feels). Please specify the height that you prefer after ordering your seat.   

*For Segway x2 platform, add 2cm extra

  • Parking: Robust parking stand with rachet mechanism. For right- or left-handed users. Telescopic rubber ends for safe stabilization both indoors and outdoors.
  • Seat: Square Seat 37 x 37 cm (14.5 x 14.5 in) with embedded suspension
  • Seat’s height on a Segway i2* platform: From 61 to 72cm (24 to 28.3 in)
  • Footrest: Single wide footrest or double, independently adjustable footrest.
  • Steering : Removable stick or Segway OEM reversed steer dock**
  • Combatibility : For Segway i2, x2, i2SE, x2SE platforms

* For Segway x2 platform add 2.5cm (1 inch) more
** The OEM dock is not combatible with the latest Segway i2SE, x2 SE platforms unless if you have the upper half of a segway i2,x2 steering column.
*** Estimated dispatch time: 28 days (we are working hard to shorten lead times)

Further customizations (custom embroidery of your name or logo, laser-cut covers, reflective foil) can be purchased separately.
Weight 30 kg


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